Dear Genital Wart Sufferer,

   You may not know me, but we have a lot more in common than you think.

   You see, four years ago ... my life was just like yours.

   I was hit with the worst explosion of genital warts in history (at least it felt that way).

  Initially, I had no idea what I was up against or how bad it was about to shatter my life.

... but I had my suspicions.

   I searched the internet endlessly ... comparing my raised, bumpy masses to every genital wart picture I could find. And though it clearly resembled a minor case of warts ... I refused to admit it.

   Instead, I did everything I could to convince myself I simply had 'skin tags' or 'ingrown hairs.' I figured they would go away in just a few days ... and my life would be back to normal again.

  The only problem is they didn't go away. In fact, they began to multiply and spread!

   I remember thinking, "There is no way I can have genital warts. I'm in a committed relationship. It's simply impossible."

     But as these deformed lumps began to blanket my genitals, I started to panic. And my urgent desire to stop these "things" consumed me ... spilling over into every area of my life.

   ... even to the point where I was raiding different genital wart websites from my work computer ... gazing over my shoulder feverishly to ensure none of my coworkers were looking.

   My life came to a screeching halt and I started to push others away.

   I used to go out all the time with my friends and family ... now I wanted to hide. I hated going out in public ... I just didn't want to see anyone.

   I was too terrified of someone finding out!

   My life was reduced to merely coping and I felt like a prisoner.

   All of the small bumps popping up were now swelling into larger masses, clustering together.

   I knew I had to do something, but I had no idea where to start. Every time I took a shower or used the bathroom, I was slapped with a constant reminder of how horrible and shameful my condition was becoming.

   So I searched the Internet for hours straight, looking for a cure ... losing sleep ... worrying ... asking myself WHY is this happening to me and WHAT am I going to do now?

   There was NO WAY I was ready to step inside my doctor's office and drop my pants so he could see my humiliating infestation of dry, crusting warts.

  ... that is until I came face-to-face with the most mortifying thing you can possibly imagine.

   You see ... during this crisis, I was so focused on the warts I had in the "front" that I completely missed the fact that I now had a FULL BLOWN genital wart outbreak in my butt!

  There were 5 massive "raisin" looking warts completely encircling my anus ... and at that moment I would have paid every last nickel I had (or would ever make) to have these warts gone forever.

   You see, I didn't know this at the time... but the longer you have "active genital warts" between your legs coupled with the sweat and the friction from simply walking around ... you dramatically increase the likelihood that your genital warts are going to spread. And this is exactly what was happening to me.

   It was as if I stepped into the "twilight zone" or something ... and I finally hit my breaking point.

   So I had to do what I dreaded most ... I had to go to the doctor and drop my pants.

   But to say my visit was completely humiliating is an absolute understatement! It is actually 50 times WORSE ...

   Picture your doctor staring at your fully exposed, wart-disfigured genitals with your pants locked around your ankles.

   Imagine him asking you to "bend over the table and spread your cheeks" so he can peer at the rash of warts circling your rectum.

   Now feel yourself sitting on a cold table with your legs spread open as the doctor pokes your abnormal growths.

Well this is how I felt because this is exactly what happened to me.

I was absolutely humiliated. But I wasn't the only one ...

   Even the look on my doctor's face told me HE was uncomfortable for having to examine me!

   Over the next 11 months, I repeated this same cycle over and over again. And in doing so, the doctors I visited put me through all kinds of different treatments. They also prescribed several different medications that were supposed to work ... some even came with the risk of extremely severe and debilitating side effects. However, I was so desperate I used them anyway.

   ... because when you suffer from genital warts ... it seems even serious side-effects don't matter.

   But this never ending cycle of having an outbreak, running to a doctor for treatment, having the warts go away temporarily, then having the warts flare-up again ... caused me to become more and more desperate and I grew more and more alone.

   ... my sex life was ruined and no one would ever touch me again.

   ...my confidence was crushed and all the doctors couldn't help.

   ... my life seemed to be over and there was no end in sight.

   I felt defeated.

   I hit rock bottom and I had no idea where to turn.

   But one day ... when I fell victim to my worst genital wart outbreak ever ... with large, floppy, flat warts the size of a dime and a rash of raised warts that looked like pencil erasers ... I decided I couldn't run to the doctors anymore. I knew I had to take matters into my own hands.

   So I dove into the internet one last time ... but now, I was determined not to stop until I found a PROVEN way to escape this nightmare once and for all.

  This was a DECLARATION OF WAR and I refused to back down.

   Like a mad scientist I dug through medical research, studied natural remedies, and participated in genital wart forums.

   I tried so many alternative methods to remove my "stamps of shame" that I lost count.

   You see, I wasn't looking for "how to treat" genital warts ...

   ... I wanted to eliminate them completely, for good, so they never came back.

    And finally, after nearly 7 weeks of constant, mind-numbing research ... I found the undisputable PROOF I needed to fit the pieces of the puzzle together and come up with a program that would rip the spine out of my genital wart attacks ... PERMANENTLY ... from the privacy of my own home!

   However, because I had grown extremely skeptical due to all the "temporarily effective" treatments the doctors had thrown at me ... when I successfully eradicated my genital warts with this system, I held back my excitement because I was sure the warts would simply return.

   So I waited ...

   One month went by ... no genital warts.

   Three months went by... no genital warts.

   Seven months went by... no genital warts.

   And now twenty-six plus months later ... STILL not even a trace of a single genital wart!

   But to make sure what I discovered wasn't some "stroke of luck" that only worked for me ... when I first unchained myself from my chronic genital wart outbreaks, I jumped on every genital wart forum I could find and I began to tell everyone about this miracle cure.

   ... I was on a mission to track down all the genital wart sufferers I could so I could give them a copy of this life-saving information. And when I did, dozens of them came back to me with all kinds of amazing results ... praising my system.

   THAT was the moment I realized how bad I needed to get this information out.

   So I took everything I learned and had shared in the forums and I compiled this gold mine of information for genital wart sufferers everywhere.

   I call it my "Genital Wart Eradication System" and it reveals the exact, step-by-step process me and so many others used to completely annihilate our genital warts ... from the privacy of your own home!

   And here's the "cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die" TRUTH:

   Once you escape your life of genital warts ... all the humiliation, confusion, and frustration currently dominating your life will vanish completely... forever!

   ... you will feel an immense surge of peace rush through your body as you take nice deep breath because you'll finally know it's over ... for good!

   However, before you get complete access to my Genital Wart Eradication System ... I want you to look at this special report.

   In this report, my primary goal is to teach you 4 things:

   1. How to know for a FACT that you have genital warts ... not just "skin tags" or "ingrown hairs." And I want to show you a method to do this without visiting a doctor ... from the privacy of your own home.

   2. An "Insider Secret" I discovered allowing you to STILL have sex during a genital wart outbreak while dramatically reducing your chances of transmitting this disease to your partner.

   3. The unspoken TRUTH about masturbating with genital warts... and the devastating effect this can have on your body.

   4. How to tell your partner you have genital warts. This verified tactic gives you an "unfair advantage" by weaving PROVEN psychological techniques into the conversation guaranteeing the outcome almost always results in your favor (I've received nothing but great feedback from this method).

   The reason I'm giving this information to you is because they are the main questions I get from my clients about genital warts. So instead of you having to search the internet for hours (like I did) - I want to save you the trouble.

   Let's get started ...

The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

   Genital warts (by far) are the most upsetting sexually transmitted disease (STD) of them all. Not because they are deadly, but because there is nothing more humiliating and more shameful than dropping your pants and exposing a genital area infested with a rash of nasty, floppy warts to your lover ... I know this first hand because I lived this life for over 2 years. Not only did they crush my sex life, but they also forced my confidence and sanity to crumble.

   Caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), genital warts are spread primarily through sexual contact. Currently, researchers have discovered over a hundred different strains of this virus. However, only a hand-full have been found to cause life-wrecking genital warts. A recent study suggests 60% of the human race who have sexual contact with a person with HPV will develop genital warts. And in most cases, the symptoms will take around 3-4 months to develop. But in other cases, they may take as long as a couple years to show any signs or symptoms (if they show any signs or symptoms at all).

   Genital warts usually start out as small bumps that are often confused with "skin tags" or "ingrown hairs." However, over time these little bumps begin to mature into collective masses or "clusters" of raised skin tissue ... often resembling a "cauliflower."

   Genital warts pop-up primarily in the genital region. This includes the penis, mucous lining (cervix), vagina, and rectum. However, it can also spread to the mouth and throat through oral sex. Genital warts (also referred to as "venereal warts" or "condylomataacuminate") affect as many as 15-20% of the sexually active population in the United States. The primary mode of infection is through unprotected sex with multiple partners ... however, there have been hundreds of cases where genital warts were spread during protected sex also ... depending on the location of the infection.

“Self Diagnosis” of Genital Warts

   You may be wondering if what you see down there are actually genital warts. They could be one of many other problems, ranging from a simple rash, a "skin tag," an ingrown hair, a pimple, or even a boil. If you are anything like me ... I'm sure you've spent hours in front of the computer researching all these pictures and comparing them to what you have.

   But how do you know for sure?

   Here's the thing: If you suspect you have genital warts the only way to be completely sure is to visit your doctor. He or she will be able to perform specific tests to confirm the diagnosis ... here's how she or he will do it:

   If you are a male ... the test is easy. Your doctor will typically apply "acetic acid" to the lumpy masses on your penis. If the lesions turn white this is a positive diagnosis of genital warts.

   If you are female, diagnosing genital warts is a little trickier because the warts can hide up in the vagina or on the cervix. The most common way to diagnose genital warts in a female is through a pap smear. A small sample of cervical tissue is scraped off and sent to a laboratory. If the pap smear comes back abnormal this could indicate genital warts are present. The doctor can also apply an acetic acid solution to the cervix and then examine the cervix with the aid of a "colposcope." This is a large microscope positioned approximately thirty centimeters from the vaginal opening. It has a powerful light allowing the doctor to get a magnified view of your cervix. Any areas of the cervix that turn white after vinegar is applied can be identified as genital warts.

   However, if you want to spare yourself the embarrassment and the
cost of dropping your pants in front of your neighborhood doctor ...
here is a test that will provide you similar results from the privacy of
your own home. (Note: this method does not work for warts inside the
vagina or rectum):

   1. Go out to your local grocery store and purchase a small bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with a 5% - 6% acidity. The best ACV to use is "Organic, Unfiltered ACV."

   2. When you get home, clean the area thoroughly.

   3. Take a clean cloth and soak it in the ACV.

   4. Place the ACV soaked cloth on the area in question for 10 minutes.

   5. Remove the cloth

   6. Take a look

   7. More often than not, your genital warts will turn white ... and it is not uncommon to see even more white spots than you originally expected (this is because you typically have warts you can't see with the naked eye. However, the ACV makes them visible)

   The reason this method works so well is because the abnormal skin cells are reacting to the acid in the vinegar ... just like in the methods your doctor would use. However, just remember while this method of diagnosing yourself is quick, relatively easy, and inexpensive ... it does not replace visiting your doctor. Your doctor may be able to recognize some otherwise unseen warts. This note is especially important for women.

I Have Genital Warts ... What Now?

   If you are diagnosed with genital warts, the first thing on your mind is probably "where did I get this nasty disease from" ... "was it this person" ... "was it that person" ... "yea, it probably was that person" ... "I'm going to kill them!" ... Well, before you do anything rash - understand there is no way to know exactly where you acquired the disease UNLESS you only had sex with one person your entire life. The reason why is simple. The virus may have been hiding in your body ... waiting silently for the perfect opportunity to ambush you -- and something you did triggered this uncontrollable flare up.

   ... So there is no sense in pointing fingers. It will only lead to more confusion.

   If you do have a sexual partner and both of you still agree to have "relations" ... make sure you use condoms from start to finish. But if you remember earlier I said genital warts are spread by skin to skin contact (especially if you have "active warts" present) ... so you can still pass genital warts to each other during sex and even foreplay.

   However, I learned that the safest way to have sex during a genital wart outbreak is to make sure the guy wears a condom AND wears boxer briefs. During the "sacred act" all he has to do is pop his "little buddy" through the boxer briefs (with the condom) and the ritual can continue. However, after the session has finished, both parties must shower. This method will dramatically decrease the chances of spreading this disease from one partner to the next because all direct skin to skin contact is eliminated. (Note: Oral sex, on the other hand, is not recommended. Especially when active warts are present.)

   If you can wait for sex ... most research states you should wait three to four full weeks after the last symptoms of genital warts have passed before any unprotected sexual contact takes place. Unfortunately, this also includes masturbation. Rubbing and touching active genital warts (with your hands or with toys) CAN spread the disease to other places on/in your genitals.

What Is The BEST Way To Tell Your Partner You Have Genital Warts?

    When I first got hit with genital warts, life was difficult. Before I realized how to end my infections for good ... my biggest fear was telling my partner.

   I searched long and hard for the answer to this. And finally, based off all my research, I came up with the perfect way which I'm about to share with you right now.

   ... but before I do, I want you to know this is NOT an easy thing to do. There are no "magic words" to use to instantly make everything okay.

   However, this 5 step approach will give you an unfair advantage by showing you how to weave PROVEN psychological tactics into this conversation. This will allow you to easily establish and maintain complete control of this discussion so it ultimately ends in YOUR favor.

   Here's what you do:

   1. The first thing you want to do is gather and comprehend ALL the information you can about HPV and genital warts. While your partner may have a hard time accepting the fact that you have HPV ... they will feel a lot more comfortable if you present the facts clearly, intelligently, and confidently. During this time it is also a good idea to remember key statistics like how "1 out of every 2 sexually active people will acquire HPV in their lifetime" or how "a lot of the symptoms are mild so most people with HPV rarely notice them." Information like this shows HPV is extremely common ... and it helps your partner to find peace with your condition quicker.

   2. You want to choose a neutral conversation ground in a relaxing place where it is just the two of you. Essentially, you want a location where you can minimize distractions so the conversation can go completely uninterrupted. Also, if any
fights or arguments occur prior to you heading to your "special location" ... you should wait to deliver your message. Ideally, you want your partner to be calm, relaxed, and as happy as can be. By the way ... the worst time to tell your partner, other than right after having sex, is during foreplay or when your clothes are off.

   3. Deliver the news without sounding anxious, panicky, or stressed. Remember YOUR attitude and mood will influence how this information is received ... so ensure you stay relaxed, calm, and sincere. Along the same lines ... you want to avoid suggesting how your partner should react ... especially if it's negative. For example, never start the conversation by saying "Don't freak out but..." because you are setting your partner up to freak out. The best way to introduce this information is to weave it into the conversation you are having by saying something like "The doctor called earlier today and told me I have the virus that causes genital warts" or something like this. You NEVER want to start the conversation so your partner thinks you are about to drop a bomb shell (saying something like "I have something extremely important to tell you ...").

   4. This step actually goes with the previous step ... but it's so important I gave it a place of its own. Choose your words carefully. Do not load your discussion with negative words that paint a negative picture. For example, do not use the word "disease" to describe your "condition." Do not say "incurable," say "manageable." Do not refer to it as "genital warts" ... call it "HPV." Also stay away from too many negative adjectives like "horrible, disgusting, devastating." They will quickly light a fuse in your partner's mind causing him or her to panic. Lastly ... during this conversation, DO NOT try to prove the point of your fidelity. If you do, chances are your partner may try to read too much between the lines ... then the entire conversation will turn into an argument of accusations.

   5. Once you've delivered the information, stop talking. A lot of people get this wrong. Allow your partner a chance to speak. This conversation should be a dialogue ... not a lecture. Let your partner get all their thoughts out ... do not interrupt. Understand, everyone deals with their feelings differently so your partner may react in anger ... but this is usually because they are afraid. Be prepared to discuss myths and calm fears from all the information you gathered in Step 1. But above all else ... keep a nice, calm tone because with it, YOU have the power to diffuse the situation. Your partner may need time to mull this over, get more information, and just experience his or her feelings. ... it is possible that your partner might take the news badly no matter how well you deliver it. In that case, don't get defensive. Allow them some time to think it over in private, calm down, and come to terms with it.

   But before I end this section, I really want to reemphasize two major points just in case you notice your partner getting angry. Here are two more psychological tactics you can employ to keep them relaxed:

   - Stay Calm At All Costs. If you detect your partner is starting to get angry ... you staying calm and centered is key. Remember, in any conversation or personal interaction … people often mirror the other person’s state of being. For example, if you start yelling, they will start yelling … if you talk soft and remain calm, they remain calm. Understand this proven tactic and use it to your advantage.

   - Validate Your Partner's Concerns. This is your second line of defense when dealing with a frustrated partner. Here’s why it works so well … People often become frustrated when they feel they are not "being heard." For example, if you start arguing with someone and the situation heats up … you will find yourself repeating your primary points. Why? Because you don’t feel the other person is hearing you and you want to be heard. So statements like “I understand why you are feeling frustrated” or “I know where you are coming from” can go a long way to help de-escalate such conflicts ... again, keeping you in control.

   Difficult conversations like this benefit from good planning. You may not be able to script this entire thing, but you can prepare by writing down your most important points and practicing. This way ... it will be easier for you to stay calm and confident so this conversation will ultimately conclude in your favor.

   And just so you know ... this is the exact method I used and several other people have used and it works extremely well. As long as you follow the steps and keep control of the conversation - it should work for you too!

Final Thoughts

     Now you hold the answers to the 4 most frequently asked questions most genital wart sufferers ask.

... the same information that can be found within the pages of my 3-part system for how I ended my genital wart outbreaks permanently.

     If you would like more information on the exact steps I used to completely unchain myself from the same terrifying condition currently sucking the peace out of your life... simply click on the link below:

WartOut: Genital Warts Treatment Solution Cream
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